Tenant and Rent Deposits


The information on this form will assist you in collecting data for initiating a wire transfer in your banking institution. It will also provide Miami-Dade Clerk of Courts with your court case number and contact information. Please complete this form each time you submit a wire transfer to the Clerk of Courts.

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The Local Case Number (Case Year, Case Sequence, Case Code, Or Case Location) is invalid
Enter the name of party to the case
Enter the name of the wire sender (payor)
Enter the deposit amount to calculate the registry fee and total wire amount

Please Note

Your payment will be applied within 2 business days of receipt of funds. Ensure the wire transfer you initiate through your banking institution contains the following information on the reference line:

  • Case #
  • Case Party Name
  • Email
  • Sender's (Payor's) Name, if different from the Case Party Name
If we are unable to identify the case associated with the wire transfer, the wire transfer will be reversed after 5 business days.